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Muni-Bond Vultures Rethink Risks Lurking in Market's Junk Yard

Distressed muni-debt traders usually buy when the credit rating of a bond is downgraded to junk status. That’s when institutions, such as mutual funds, are forced to sell or otherwise long-term retail investors get spooked.

“Next time around, you bet that they’re going to be asking for lower prices when mutual funds want to unload something like Illinois,” said Matt Fabian, a partner with Municipal Market Analytics Inc. in Concord, Massachusetts.

“How the country will deal with municipal default is likely in its infancy,” Hatch said. “Ideas are forming, from a legislative and judicial standpoint, as to how we’ll handle large insolvent municipal entities.”

The flouting of constitutional rules may cause distressed muni-bond investors to insist on discounts, but it won’t scare them away from the market, Fabian said.

Tim Holler